Bandish Bandits Review

Bandish Bandits justifies its purpose beautifully: The revival of Indian Classical music by portraying the importance of discipline and practise required to master it. With some crazy mashups of Indian and Western Music, new talented faces a.k.a Shreya Chaudhary and Ritwik Bhomwik, a little bit of romance, scandals and some shocking family secrets, Bandish Bandits presents a full package of drama and music intertwined into one series. Special mention of the incredible performer, Naseeruddin Shah, whose proficiency in acting skills leaves us astounded yet again with his character as a teacher, grandfather, musician, father and the many other emotions associated with it, thus adding life to his character effortlessly.

A simple boy’s (Radhe) world is turned upside down as he gets introduced to a world where he can fall in love, has to face the consequences of unfolding secrets and has to struggle to earn respect which also becomes his priority besides music. On the other hand, the female protagonist Tammanah, a pop-star, is keen on full-filling her dreams which takes her on an enticing yet rocky path, facing some family problems and also ends up falling in love with Radhe.

The twists and turns that each encounter on their journey as well as the discovering of this new and bizarre combination of the posh, social city life and the calm, old fashioned Jodhpur is something to look forward to in the series. How to believe in yourself and achieve as well as how to cope up with failures that pull you down and start afresh are the other hidden messages in the series.

If you have a deep-rooted love for Indian Classical music, then its a must-watch. For someone like me, who is more interested in the drama, liking for Indian Classical is something that you just pick up on the way of completing the series. Getting excited while predicting some of the plot twists and then getting all the more enthusiastic to know what would happen after the unravelling of that twist was an enthralling part of watching the series.

Bandish Bandits: 3.8/5


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