Just another Anxiety Attack

Nowadays its so common for people to use this word openly. There was a time when people used to hesitate to get out the word in public or even used to ignore the diagnoses process to avoid embarrassment or humiliation from people who might be going through the same or are too arrogant to realise that it could happen to anyone of them.

But to be very honest, anyone can feel this way. I really don’t know if it happens to you as well, but recently I have discovered that even the smallest of things like leaving the bathroom light on or not putting back the unused tissues in its place causes me a little bit of anxiety. Like honestly, contrary to google definition, it does not hamper with my daily activities, but in that moment I have to do what the voice inside my head tells me to or else I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else.

Lockdown has been harsh on all of us. It was unpredicted, unforeseen just like the universe not ending in 2012 and therefore can be a BIG CAUSE OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF ANXIETY IN MANY OF US. I have talked to so many of my friends who say that they get panic attacks or feel nervous or highly melancholic and there is nothing they could do about it. I myself sometimes start sulking on my bed, with anxiety on the thought of getting up because I myself build up a lot of pressure in my mind to do something productive. I even experience mood swings a lot of times because of it. But this realisation came crashing onto me that although its more than alright to feel this way, but to get out of it, I need to PUSH MYSELF to happier thoughts, get out of bed, be a happier being.

Exercise to release those power pact hormones,

Cook to feed others so as to receive complements,

Dress up with my make up on to feel pretty and post pictures online,

Order paints and paint my feelings out,

Shop if I get bored of lying in the same pjs

Or even start developing healthy habits like face routines, book reading, indulging in hobbies, drinking green tea everyday ETC.

Even if I do 2/3 of these things to keep myself busy in a day, when will I get the time to sulk around and even notice the unused tissues?

If I compare the bad days with the good days, the bad days exceed the good days by a large number. Even though people interpret your day to be good, only you know on the inside how torturous that day had been for you. Start doing things that make you feel happy, make you feel like you. So yes, its time we realise that anxiety is as real as this pandemic is and it needs to be addressed, specially by YOU(telling this to myself on loop).


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