Chandigarh: One Day Trip Series

If you have one day in Chandigarh with your friends, what should you do? And what should you leave? Well, I have got a set plan, waiting for you to execute it as soon as the lockdown ends. 

Start by enjoying the Gedi route

Chandigarh is beautiful when it comes to greenery and cleanliness. Although restricted by more strict rules than any other part of India, some nice songs according to the mood and weather on that day, a good driver with a licence, a lot of chitchat, exciting insta stories and some staring out of the window will do the trick. A good route to follow during this course is the Gedi Route, which is a famous attraction among students for Gedi, i.e. taking rounds in cars. When you are hungry enough from jumping around to tunes and singing songs on the top of your lungs in car, you can stop for meals at sector 10 and try out some cafes with great ambience like The Willow Cafe or Rustic Door. You can stop at some other sector as well for food according to your preference. Next stop is ….

The infamous Elante Mall

Being the second-largest shopping mall in Northern India, Elante tops it all when it comes to an indoor activity. Watching a movie, eating at chillis, shopping from luxurious brands, you can enjoy it all in one place. This may be a little tiring since you’ll have to walk, but its a nice indoor place to visit in Chandigarh. After spending two hours or more in the mall, and by evening almost, you definitely have to visit….

Sukhna Lake

A beautiful stretch of land for walking and chilling beside the scenic beauty of Sukhna is something that you cannot miss in Chandigarh. The peaceful effect of the water flowing under the sunset is worth watching together. It may lead to breaking into some deep conversations about life with your friends and bonding. Moreover, you get to watch people of all age groups and from various walks of life enjoying. There are the college dudes, set out to find some adventure, the romantics who like to walk with ice cream in their hands, the serious fitness freaks who like to enjoy some fresh air while losing weight and the families who want an outing or a picnic. I can guarantee that this will be the most iconic ending to a trip. But wait for just a second, a trip without dinner is incomplete. So I present to you, the best Indian food that you would have ever tasted

Pal Dhaba

A place totally worth visiting if you are a fan of typical Indian Dhaba food. From the correct amount of spices to the delicious aroma, they excel in everything. The yummylicious food speaks for itself and you must not miss it if you are in Chandigarh only for a day 


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