The Da Vinci Code Review

If you have already watched this piece of art or read the novel, you already know what I mean by it fogging your brain. And for those who did not watch it already, this movie changes your outlook towards beliefs and keeps you wondering about the religious enigma that this movie depicts even after the movie ends.

With Tom Hanks, creating magic isn’t impossible and this movie is not short of that. A suspense-thriller based on a novel by Dan Brown that always keeps you on the edge when it comes to an aura of creating mystery around certain speculations pertaining to the holy grail. Although the suspense is spot on, the film gets a bit slow in the middle.

The story starts with Robert Langdon, a symbologist, called in to investigate the murder of Jacques Saunière, a Louvre curator. He ends up on the suspects list but the victim’s granddaughter, Sophie Neveu, helps him escape the french policemen. Together they embark on a mysterious journey following the clues that the victim left them which leads them to a man with twisted views ‘The Teacher’, a secret society Opius Dei and many other scandalous characters, further deepening their search for the truth and the grail that was protected by the victim for so long. 

Ran Howard (director) has used the suspense aspect of the novel carefully so as to not divert from the storyline of the novel in the movie. With some Indiana Jones moments, chase sequences, discoveries and deciphering the code of Leonardo Da Vinci, this movie is on my recommendation list if you feel like a suspense-thriller movie at any time. 

The Da Vinci Code: 4.2/5


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